Same taste. Same flavor. And yes, it's vegan.

Foodshake turns the recipes you already love into their vegan versions.


About Foodshake

Most people think eating vegan means completely revamping your diet. Most people think "vegan" means "gluten free". No wonder most people say eating vegan is diffcult.

We believe that eating vegan means transitioning your EXISTING recipes to plant based. Just because you're vegan doesn't mean you can't eat your mom's cookies -- you'll just eat them without the eggs. And milk. And butter.

Trust us. It's possible. It's cheap. And it's easy.

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Featured Recipe

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How to Convert a Recipe

  • 01

    — Find a recipe that you would like to make plant based.

  • 02

    — Copy the ingredient list of that recipe.

  • 03

    — Paste the ingredient list into the box below, making sure to include quantities.

  • 04

    — Hit "Show me the plant based version"!

Convert a Recipe To Plant Based

Paste the URL of a recipe. Or type the ingredients into the box.

Your Original Recipe

Your Plant Based Recipe

How many substitutes would you like per ingredient?

Save your plant based recipe!

Paste your recipe's ingredient list in the box, and select the number of substitutes per non plant based ingredient.

Substitution Notes

Details on how and why to use each substitute.